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Follow every lap of the 2009 Australian Grand Prix weekend here on F1 Fanatic with the F1 live blogs. You can get an email reminder when any of the blogs is starting by filling in the forms below (you won’t get spammed and you don’t have to register for anything).

We will be live blogging throughout each of the practice sessions, and will open the qualifying and race live blogs about an hour before the action gets under way, and keep going until after the press conferences.

For details of when each session is on see here: Australian Grand Prix 2009

For more information on how to get involved in the live blogs see here: F1 live blogs 2009

Click on the ‘reader information’ button below for more details on how live blogging works. Not sure if live blogging is for you? Have a look at the fun we had during the last one: Brazilian Grand Prix 2008 Live Blog.

Friday free practice 1

Friday free practice 2

Saturday free practice 3



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5 comments on “Australian Grand Prix live blogs”

  1. Chris Reynolds
    23rd March 2009, 0:17

    Well, I am very curious just how much faster or rather quicker the cars will be that utilize KERS’ claimed 85 HP minus of course the affect of the un-sprung weight…

  2. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to organise these: – they really are much appreciated. The race experience does seem to be enhanced by hearing other people’s thoughts: – not to mention the fact that 30 pairs of eyes are often better than one when all mayhem breaks loose and I miss things!

  3. Yeah cheers for these Keith, appreciated.

    It’s nice to hear that this year, Sky TV (Subscription based TV network here in New Zealand that has been broadcasting Live Quali and GP’s) is going to show the practice sessions live as well this year. Going to be great!

    1. Wished we could get it via Sky rather than the awful BBC coverage which seems to think its still in the 1950s

  4. For all those Australian fans out there:

    All races broadcast live. Don’t know about practice or qualifying.

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